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The company Silander & Holst S.L. is established in Spain since January 2016.

We are situated on Costa Blanca,  but we have the possibility to design homes and gardens all over the world through our E-design service.

My name is Mariana Ramselius. Founder of the company, the chief designer and CEO of Silander & Holst S.L.

Today we are a team consisting of interior designer, photographer, project manager, and architect. In addition, we have a network of garden designers, builders, architects so whatever skills you might need in your project we can help you.


Why Silander Holst?

I often get asked where the name Silander & Holst comes from.


Silander is my grandmother's maiden name, she was born 1904, in Finland and she was born in to an entrepreneurial family, there have always been many entrepreneurs in my family. The name Holst is also a maiden name from my husband's side of the family.  The name selection for the company was a way to hounor former relatives. 

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