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First impression lasts


The goal of home staging is to create a home that appeals to potential buyers.

Why should the buyer choose your property, when there are so many others on the market?

The intention is to get the buyer to feel at home, able to see the possibilities of the property.

From the moment you decide to sell, your home is no longer your home. It is an item on the market.

To let a professional handle the styling for the marketing of your property is money well invested.

With the property staging service, we highlight the best features of your property. Staging will always speed up the sale and enables targeting a larger market as well as inspire more buyers to visit . And not to mention what it can do for the price of your property.

You can choose various options of styling, Silander & Holst can do everything, or you get a plan, and make the styling yourself on the basis of the proposals you have received.

Contact us to discuss the best solution for you.

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